United States Postal Service Delays

Writes Tim McGraw:

United States Postal Service Delays: Video

The US Postal Service is becoming a bad joke. It takes weeks for first-class mail to arrive, or even Priority Mail to arrive at their destinations in the USA. My Mom in St. Louis tells me that 2nd and 3rd class mail (ads) arrive just fine, but our Christmas car.5 weeks to reach her. Mom hasn’t received the birthday cards people send her. Packages take forever to arrive if at all.

Envelopes are opened in transit or they just disappear into the ether.

I’ve written to the local Postmaster twice about the problem. No response. I’ve written to “my” Congressman, no response.

I now ship everything UPS or FedEx if possible but the USPS has a monopoly on first-class mail.

But yeah, send hundreds of billions to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan while Americans can’t even get their mail.

I wish Lysander Spooner was around again to start his own postal system.