Tulsi Gabbard Tweet

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

I saw the repost of the Tulsi Gabbard Twitter response to the would be Queen of the World. Like you and many others I have real problems with some of Gabbard’s beliefs but I like her anti-interventionist ideas and love the fact she is willing to say these things in a hostile environment like the Democratic “debates”. The only other one I know of who was willing to buck the allowable narrative in that setting was of course Dr. Paul. The Twitter response that was reposted to the LRC blog is terrific and shows a truly independent streak on her part. I believe that is the first time I have seen anyone besides Trump willing to go beyond some generic, acceptable minor criticism of the Queen and actually call her out for what she is. And in very blunt language at that. Of course why not? Unlike all the other clowns on the stage she is at least a realist who already knows there is no way the establishment is going to ever back her campaign. So instead of bowing to them why not poke them in the eye and at least get a little fun from the whole thing. And just like Dr. Paul maybe she can provide some education and wake some people up in the process.

Tulsi says she now knows who is behind the effort to ruin her reputation. Sounds to me like she’s a victim of a “vast Clinton wing conspiracy”.

By the way, thanks to you and Tom Woods for your heroic efforts in watching and reporting on the debates for us. I couldn’t even stand to watch something like that with the sound muted. It’s like watching a Hitler, Mao, Stalin debate.