Thoughts about Monkey Pox

Last week when I started to look into Monkey Pox, I came up with a few thoughts about its origins:

1) It is as they say, a natural spreading phenomenon.

2) It is something they have been tinkering with genetically and

   a) It was released accidentally via a lab leak

   b) It was released intentionally

3) The collection of symptoms we are being told are Monkey Pox are actually the side effects of a widely used gene therapy and Monkey Pox is just a cover story for the malfeasance.

Given the disease’s low R value I find option 1 to be the least likely.  Options 2 and 3 are currently a coin toss as to which one is the real cause.

Today while reading your site I see other people are raising similar concerns along the lines of options 2 and 3.

A couple final thoughts.  The k is silent and x is short for `wer` Then you can be begin to see what this is all about:  Money and Power