The unreported massacre

Writes a friend:

My wife had a new person today for physical therapy (lost a lot of strength when she was laid up with Covid after affects not getting any treatment before discovering Ivermectin). The therapist asked her for her “stor,y”. After telling her, the therapist said she had a story she wouldn’t believe. My wife said try me. The PT proceeded to tell her about a close friend who was given the assignment to call 25 people who had not returned for their second “jab”. She was shocked to find out that 16 had died! She went very upset to her boss saying that they needed to report this. Her boss said that they would do no such thing. When she said “but they died from the shot!” He simply said “you have no proof of that”. She claimed that they were all healthy when they came in for the shot. One has to wonder how many deaths are being hidden.