The Ten Commandments in Louisiana Schools

Writes Tim McGraw:

Will Posting the Ten Commandments Save The Children in Louisiana Schools?

This story of the Ten Commandments mandated in Louisiana schools cracks me up. We are on the edge of WWIII. The government and private debt is out of control. Inflation is through the roof. Our food and environment are being poisoned.

And yet, everyone has their panties in a bind about some poster on a wall in classrooms in Louisiana.

Maybe we should argue, like the leaders of Constantinople, about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin, as Sultan Mehmed II and his Muslim Army were at the gates of Constantinople, ready to conquer it.

And in a few days, we get to see two rich old honkies from New York City, and Delaware argue about which old fart is going to save the country. It’s hilarious!