The Plot to Destroy Our Children

Writes Jonathan Nielsen:


For anyone who wants to homeschool their children, the various states wildly vary from one another in how easy it is to do so. Some are extremely strict with regular testing, vaccine mandates, certifications that parents need to receive, home inspections, etc.

Others you literally don’t have to do anything. No notification, or at most you need to notify but then there’s no oversight, no testing, nothing. The latter is how it is where I live, and where my two youngest kids are currently homeschooled. 

We previously lived in California where homeschooling is notably more difficult to do, and one of the reasons we moved was to be able to much more easily homeschool our kids.

Best resource I’ve found for anyone wanting to look into which states are best, absolutely terrible, or in between is HSLDA’s website ((Home School Legal Defense Association) –