The First Casualty in Woke Is Truth

Writes a friend:

Lew, Good Morning.

The subject line of this email should help people to clearly see where this woke movement is designed to take the country. With the full support of the media and the major corporations. The sides have already been established and the first die has been cast to bring the effort out into the streets.

The establishment and their woke disciples are waging war against the rest of America. It hasn’t evolved yet to gun battles over territory and militarized occupations, but all of the other aspects of war are currently in play.

The goal is to provoke a response by liberty-oriented Americans that can be characterized around the world as the violence of the extreme right-wing racist Americans who oppose the woke ideology. Every use of force in response to this cultural revolution will be characterized in the nations of the world as examples of the racist and evil nature of racist American patriots, while the crimes of the woke are overlooked or justified.

In that regard, the “woke” perspective will be fed to the world as liberty oriented Americans fight to maintain freedom and Constitutional government. If (or when) the liberty minded Americans supress the woke revolution, America will be cemented among world opinion as a racist right-wing state. At that point, the establishment and their media will double down against America in the court of international opinion.

In other words, the truth in this scenario is that the war for liberty cannot be won by defeating the “woke”. That’s an ideology and a phantom. The establishment has set it up this way so that they can set up Americans for condemnation at every turn and every move. A victory in the streets against the woke by Americans is a victory in the press (globally) against America for the establishment.

So the real enemy is not the woke. They’re a front. An ideology. Like fighting the war on crime, or the war on terror. The truth is that the establishment is now waging war against the American people. That’s the enemy. All efforts to confront the woke are nothing more than a distraction and further justification for the establishment to demonize honest, freedom loving Americans.

I’m not suggesting that Americans allow the continued destruction of the culture. But people need to understand what’s happening here. Americans need to know who the real enemy is so that the can respond accordingly. And the truth is, it’s not the “Woke”, who are a front group, a philosophy, and a shadow.