The Benefits of Yaupon

Writes Christine Ross:

The Yaupon Holly produces the only herb tea in the USA that naturally produces caffeine. Its berries are poisonous, the leaves are not.

Yaupon is native to Southeastern USA, and also produces theobromine, the feel -good molecule found in chocolate.

While theobromine is also a stimulant, Yaupon is said to produce more energy without making its users feel jittery.

Both the natives and English settlers drank yaupon tea. It is enjoying a revival due to its medicinal benefits.

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Yaupon Tea: Nutrients, Benefits, Side Effects, and More (

Supports brain function

Yaupon tea contains theobromine, a compound found primarily in cocoa that has been well-studied for its ability to support brain function.

One animal study found administering theobromine to rats for 73 days led to significant improvements in working memory (17Trusted SourceTrusted Source).

In another animal study, mice who were fed a diet supplemented with theobromine for 30 days showed improvements in motor learning, a process that involves acquiring a new skill through repeated practice (18Trusted Source).

What’s more, other research in animals suggests that theobromine may affect levels of a specific type of protein in the brain to potentially help prevent Alzheimer’s disease (19Trusted Source).

Further human studies need to be conducted to evaluate whether the theobromine found in yaupon tea could also affect human brain function when consumed in normal food amounts.

Increases energy and alertness

Yaupon tea is a natural source of caffeine, a stimulant often used to boost energy levels (20Trusted Source).

Caffeine is also sometimes used to enhance mood, increase alertness, and fight fatigue (21Trusted Source).

According to one older study in 27 people, consuming 50 mg of caffeine increased alertness and accuracy when completing a task after 60 and 90 minutes, respectively (22Trusted Source).

What’s more, when combined with 100 mg of theobromine, it improved performance while minimizing susceptibility to distractions (22Trusted Source).

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