The Battle to End Covid Tyranny Isn’t Over Yet

Writes Bruce J:


I enjoyed reading your article very much. I am a retired army officer with three decades service so I am naturally suspicious of everything. I find these Chinese protests too convenient to be home grown grassroots, most likely our friends from Langley doing what they do best. I agree we need to protest but what about security? There would have to be some type of organization, and the minute there is, the FBI infiltrates. And if you made to the mass protest stage you would be infiltrated at the protest and we know what happens then. We live in a security state and most people aren’t smart enough to stay off grid.  

Given what I see, we are doomed; because those with both the moral and physical courage to do something, know like I do that no one (the masses), really cares enough to risk their uber comfortable lifestyle for something as ephemeral as “freedom”. The left can easily mobilize because the left is a loose coalition of the mentally ill and it doesn’t take much to provoke those folks as we have seen. What will it take to provoke “normal” folks?

I enjoy your site, thanks.