The Statue of Immigration?

Writes Ralph Raico:

The New York Times hack wrote that Donald Trump in his immigration speech “all but deported the Statue of Liberty.” This degree of historical cluelessness is a new low even for the Times. The lady in New York harbor has nothing to do with immigration, that little poem by Emma Lazarus was tacked on some years later. The statue was a gift from the French people on our hundredth birthday, in 1876. Her name is “Liberty Enlightening the World,” which is why she’s carrying a torch. What she’s enlightening the world with is shown on the book she’s holding in her left hand, marked “1776″–the ideals of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. As amplified by Washington and Jefferson, these included no entangling alliances with other powers and no foreign wars. These are views much more aligned with Donald Trump’s position and the opposite of the position of the Queen of Chaos.