The State-Made Apocalyse

Writes Patrick Mason:

Today I read through an article on regarding increased seismic activity noted at Yellowstone and its potentially dire foreboding of what could be coming.  This got me thinking about something which continually surfaces in my mind about the legitimately unhinged actions of a handful of scheming, bought-and-paid-for politicians who are engaging in attempts to threaten nuclear-tipped Russia, N Korea, and China to the point they will be pushed into a corner with no other choice but to fight their way out…,which means nuclear war and unleashing the feared apocalypse all nuclear nations heretofore strove to steer clear of.

Those of us raised during the Cold War (1949-1991) realized during the collapse of the Soviet Union the kind of bullet we all had dodged.  Our generation should be THE keenest and sensitive to the madness which has gripped both our leadership and the general population by efforts to reignite what we all thought would be a thing of the past.  Alarmingly, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The enormity of recklessness and arrogance of the US Government is almost nightmarish, and the complicity of the media and both sides of the political aisle is simply disgusting.  They are literally dreaming up baseless assertions against Russia, China, and N Korea insisting that we are either being “attacked,” or under “threat” of being attacked, and setting up three of the most deadly nuclear nations on earth (who have done us no harm, by the way) and DARING them to fire.

What is the most sickening tenet of all this reckless irresponsibility is this:

We cannot stop a catastrophic Yellowstone eruption, nor can we stop a life-killing asteroid.  Science has shown both events have already occurred in our past (several times) and WILL occur again.  These events also can occur with no real warning.  We are powerless to stop them.

However, we have the power to stop practically all destructive man-made events from happening…, including nuclear war which would have the same perilous effects a super-volcano or asteroid would have.  Surely, these leaders know this.  They must.  How could they not?  Yet, they press on in their aggression.

What, other than collective, bi-partisan madness, is responsible for such breathtaking indifference to such glaring stupidity?

I find myself wishing/hoping they’re bluffing, and that they’ll call off the dogs once it becomes apparent the nations in the crosshairs cock their revolvers and prepare to pull the trigger.  But, my instincts tell me THIS gang means business.

I never thought in my entire life that I would fear the actions of “my” government more than the life-snuffing effects of a super-eruption or a 5 km asteroid.

Robert Oppenheimer, designer of the US atomic bomb who had grave reservations later in life for doing so, visited Truman to express his revulsion of a second bomb dropped on Japan as being unnecessary and calling for a ban on any further nuclear weapons manufacturing.  For his efforts, Oppenheimer was shown the door by Truman who angrily exclaimed “I don’t want to ever see that SOB in this office again!”  Truman’s belligerent insouciance to ‘Peace’ appears to have manifested itself into every subsequent presidency since.

Surviving a super-eruption or asteroid impact is possible depending on factors controlling the severity of the event.  However, evidence from such events in the past have shown most to be life killers.  The same can be said of nuclear events.  The evidence we have from the Japanese bombings is horrific, and we now have countless times more weapons which are thousands of times more deadly and destructive.  Who in his or her right mind would ever – in their most fevered dream – actually believe any war could be won, much less any life could survive the nuclear onslaught which WILL occur if Washington has its way?

But, yes…, these folks appear to be that crazy.

If not these irresponsible politicians, the American public should familiarize themselves with the passage Vishnu proclaimed in the (Hindu) Bhagavad Gita which Oppenheimer recalled as he witnessed his invention going off for the first time:

“I have become death; the destroyer of worlds.”