Ryan Cristian, discussing the issue of this monkey pox

Good evening Mr. Rockwell.

I hope and pray you have a excellent weekend.

I was watching one of my favorite shows, The Last American Vagabond, and the host, a young man name Ryan Cristian, was discussing the issue of this monkey pox virus that seems to be spreading like wild fire throughout the world.  

He uncovered a paper, which was the result of another simulation that took place in the spring of 2021.  I’ll include the paper here.

But if you scroll to page 13, you’ll notice a time of when this “plandemic” was to begin.  I’ll send a screen shot.  Coincidence?  With these creeps, they are getting easier and easier to read.  Combine that with the fact the World Hell Oligarchs(WHO) and the World Egomanics Fools(WEF) are meeting around the same time.  Another coincidence?  Well, the people who read your blog can make up their own minds about it.  Best wishes always