RNC Research-“BIDEN: We have the “highest unemployment” in 50 years!

Writes Gail Appel:

Biden says “ “ We have the “highest unemployment” in 50 years! “ you know, my, my.my son says, you ought to have, a , uh, you know, we all have, uh,various short term descriptions for your jobs, for what you’ve accomplished. You should say, , “Joe jobs”.

Yes, he really said that. No doubt, KJP will go on a rant, claiming it’s a “Deep Fake”.

Joe will say it’s a “ Deep Throat” and the rightwing media should call him “Blow jobs“ And he’s not joking,Ma’am!

Today, the WH announced a new “ Deep Fake” Task Force. Isn’t that rich? The Deep State fakes,the fake President,the lying Dems and the fake media will express their fake outrage for the rest of the fake election. If they lose, regardless of how much rigging, how many fake ballots and a fake pandemic, they’ll blame it on the semi-fascist MAGA Conservatives,the right wing media and the Trump voters. For the next  four years.