RIP Actor and Peace Activist Donald Sutherland

Writes Ginny Garner:


The great Canadian actor and antiwar activist Donald Sutherland,who passed away at 88, was on the CIA watchlist from 1971-73 due to his antiwar activities. He rocketed to stardom as Hawkeye in the antiwar film M*A*S*H and co-produced the documentary F.T.A. Sutherland portrayed Fletcher Prouty as Mr. X in Oliver Stone’s film JFK. The scene where he meets with Jim Garrison, played by Kevin Costner, walking outdoors and sitting on a park bench in Washington DC and reveals the inside scoop on what he knows about the JFK assassination is unforgettable. 

Sutherland appeared in the popular Hunger Games movies and explained the meaning of the film franchise to an interviewer (link below): “If there’s any question as to what it is an allegory for, I will tell you. It is the powers that be in the United States of America. It’s profiteers. War is for profit. ‘Save the world for democracy’ or ‘For king or country?’ B*lls**t. It’s for the profit of the top 10%. The young people who see this film must recognize that blind faith in your leaders, as Bruce Springsteen said, will get you dead.” 

If you want a good laugh, check out his performance in “Start the Revolution Without Me,” a parody of the French Revolution:

And who could forget him as Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes and as Vernon Pinkley in The Dirty Dozen?