Right-Wing Tsunami

Writes Brian Dunaway:


Well, I’m very hopeful, but I often marvel at the enormous capacitance in the stimulus-reaction physiology of politics, which regarding the subjects of immigration and green insanity seem to be immersed in liquid nitrogen. It’s as if the State, holding a red-hot branding iron, plunged it onto the skin of the subject, and the subject responds, slowly, slowly, looking up at his master, and says, “You know, I don’t think I like that.”

Assuming that representative government works (an enormous assumption, considering overwhelming State control of propaganda), I have for most of my life envied (again, relative term) the system of coalition government. In the dear ole “United” “States” there is exactly no hope whatsoever that any thought outside the picometer-sized Overton Window of American discourse will see the light of day.

The founders of our-once government generally hated political parties (a good thing to hate, but to mourn the existence thereof is a ridiculously idealistic sentiment, being the State of Nature). Political parties are bad enough, but a State Binary Political System does, by its nature (and design?), ensures political devolution toward a perpetual supply of diametric adversaries, and the consequent annihilation of intelligent discourse and compromise.