Rebel News’ “Walking Interview” with Greta Thunberg at Davos

Writes Lew H.:

Vide Below really has to be seen to be believed. 

Oh boy…this one is a keeper!  The Hounds of Truth are closing in on the whole climate scam!

First off, Greta has gotten away with almost zero pushback because she looks like a 13 year-old girl, and any criticism or confrontation of her looks like piling on a poor little kid. The fact is, on January 3, 2023, she turned 20 (yes, twenty) years-old. She is absolutely fair-game now. She better start getting used to more of this sort of interviewing style. This one ambush interview alone may severely damage, if not destroy entirely, her cachet with the climate change crowd. Her usefulness may be quickly on the wane from this point on.

Further, apart from destroying her poster-girl usefulness, her silence, incessant giggling, or just plain ridiculous answers (In roughly equal shares) to perfectly legitimate questions simply underscore the emptiness and utter vapidity of the whole climate change narrative. From asking how she got to Davos personally, to refusing comment on the hundreds of private jets delivering nearly all of the high-powered Davos attendees to the pow-wow, to refusing the opportunity to chide China and other “exempt from net-zero” countries, to her obviously staged arrest in Germany, to her non-answer about the good of getting Swedish kids to skip school for climate change, Greta had absolutely nothing to say, and made the entire “movement” look as hollow as a bass drum. There was nothing whatsoever here except an endless stream of “cringe.”

This video is absolute Gold! Everyone seeing it should bookmark it to an easily accessible location on their phones and computers. This will be endlessly excerpted over the next few months, and she and her “movement” will have nowhere to hide from it. Drag it out regularly to “share” with the climate freaks in your circles of relatives and acquaintances!

Further still, I agree with Alexander Mercouris of The Duran website, who recently went to some length discussing how the WEF itself seems to not have the serious attention from the media, potential attendees, and the world at-large that it had in previous years. Their ridiculous pronouncements about the climate, their involvement with “health issues” generally and the Covid virus and subsequent jabbing spree in particular, their Orwellian population control schemes and totalitarian “you will own nothing by 2030 and you will be happy” nonsense – all OPENLY proffered by their official organs – seem to have had an effect they either didn’t expect (isolation from the real world can do that in closed, “elite” crowds – just ask any mainstream journalist!), or miscalculated their timing on. They haven’t tanked yet, obviously, but their influence perhaps is on the decline. Schwab and his minions have had their Jump the Shark moment. The show Happy Days – from which the term originated – certainly continued on for a while after the Fonz “jumped the shark” on water skis clad in his leather jacket, but its days were numbered, reckoned from the airing of that episode. Perhaps recent overreaches of the WEF, coupled with Greta’s unfathomably bad and unintentionally revealing performance in this one video, may turn out to completely derail them both in short order.

May it be ever so! All of Western Europe, freezing and rationing food this winter in part because of Greta’s malign influence all through the continent, will be the first to fully turn on her. Perhaps she has a reserved spot in Schwab’s bunker. They both may need to head straight for it before long.