Re: Oliver Stone on the Warmongers

Writes a friend:

Did you notice the tepid, if not nervously unsure applause Stone got from the audience, including the brief snapshot of the audience which showed at least a handful of attendees visibly NOT applauding, including the closeup of the girl most definitely glaring at Stone?  This reminded me of the similar reaction Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, et al, got when they walked up to receive their Oscar for the film ‘Citizenfour.’  Obviously, Stone garnished disfavor of the mostly staunch Leftist crowd by insisting their cherished idols – “the Obamas and Clintons” – should be included along with the ‘Bush’s and Trumps’ for perpetuating illicit wars and other conflicts which don’t have anything to do with ‘Protecting Our Freedoms,’ and satisfy only the agendas of a handful of government officials and their ‘military, corporate, and political’ benefactors.