Re: In Massachusetts, They Arrest You

Writes a friend:


Years ago, when I still lived in Massachusetts, I allowed my driver’s license to expire. I was living in the middle of the city at the time, work was a block away, and I could walk everywhere I wanted to go, so, between that and the wife’s license being up-to-date if I really needed to get someplace, it just wasn’t a big priority for me. Besides, who wants to spend an afternoon at the RMV?

Well, long story short, the police began positively stalking me about this expired license. They came to the house several times to harass me about it,and each time I calmly explained to them that, no, it is not a crime to have an expired license. They’d lurk at the end of the block and pull my wife over when she left the house, hoping to nab me driving illegally. Eventually I renewed the thing so police harassment would stop making her late to work!

Just one of the many reasons why I left the Democratic People’s Republic of Massachusetts.