Re: It was YOU

Writes José Roberto Hall Brum de Barros:

Hi Lew,

About the “It was YOU” post; everything very true, but the image at the end actually understates it; people didn’t just “comply” with Tyranny; they asked for it, argued for it, and shamed those who were against it.

Another observation from this crisis, in line with Bionic Mosquito’s posts (talking here on the social, mass, level, not the individual level):

Liberty and belief in an after-life go hand in hand; those who don’t believe in the after-life (including a lot of nominally religious people) were begging Father-State to protect them from an enemy Mother-Midia said would kill them. The prime example of this was Cuomo’s statement “nothing is worse than death”, when asked if the cure was worse than the disease.

Cheers, and keep up the good fight!