Writes Pat Mason:

I note that Rockwellian writers correctly predict that this recent mass shooting will be fully used by the State to enhance its already bloated control and manipulation of things which are none of its business.  It will also be used by the McCain/Graham/Netanyahu triumvirate to stir up more anti-Russian, Chinese, N Korean, Iranian, and Venezuelan hatred by putting a ‘Patriotic’ spin on such blind hatred.  And, sure enough, it’s already starting.

Driving home tonight I saw an electronic billboard flashing the slogan “PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!”  This was accompanied by a group picture which included a mother figure and her child, a fireman, policeman, and – of course – a saluting soldier in front of a waving American flag.  About the only thing left out of this picture was an Apple Pie (well, and the words “OR ELSE”).

The message I got from this creepy, cheap piece of agitprop was ‘Don’t Think!  Just DO!’  Never mind WHY we are ordered to “PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!” (PERIOD).

The other message I got was the infamous Bush-era warning that either you’re with us, or you’re with the ‘Terrorists.’

‘Good’ Americans don’t ask questions.  They do what they’re told.  That’s the message.