Peggy Hall versus Walmart

Writes a friend:

Dear Lew,

In all my years of fending off the state through reading their law and using it against them, I have seen no one better than Peggy Hall. She is right, This is a spiritual battle, in addition to a legal battle. For those without the spiritual perspective, they are easily caught up in the net of man’s law … “Well, it’s legal ….”

Yes, all the eternal satanic enemy has had to do is legalize every evil and mindless Christians fall for it.

Before I discovered Peggy’s videos, I used her same tactic to fend off discrimination against me for not wearing a mask in public. Recently, one day at my physical therapy clinic, after weeks of compliance, I announced to my therapist that I would no longer be wearing their “mandatory” paper mask while visiting their facility for my therapy. My young therapist was dumbfounded and tried to find a solution between my pronouncement and her employer’s policies (yes, policies). She offered to secret me away in a windowless, small consultation room where I could attempt a limited regimen instead of using their gym and open floor space. I thanked her, but told her that sounded like discrimination (from her employer) against me. After all, she was well aware of my brain injury and breathing problems, which I knew I did not have to explain for any justification. Happily, for the remainder of my therapy over the next several weeks, I have had no one mention the word “mask” to me as I now arrive “maskless” for therapy.

I invite all to put on the armor of Our Lord and join Peggy Hall to fight the venomous snake, the state, and stand up for our God-given rights!

Here is Peggy Hall’s latest, “Walmart & Discrimination, Part 1”