On public schools…

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

After reading the PT post on public schools, I wanted to share something the superintendent for the area district said regarding students (and parents) while Iowa “leaders” fumble-freak their way through flu season by closing the schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, et cetera.

“We know that parents and children do not have the resources, the access and the know-how to move our curriculum forward like our professionals would,”

Translation: Despite paying for the materials, manpower and space to “educate” the next generation, we know taxpayers lack the intellectual acumen to understand what we are doing…that is why we are still being paid, even though we aren’t working. We made your parents obedient, we made you ignorant and we will turn your children into mindless box-tickers that won’t care about you until it’s time to cry at the funeral and read the will.  Trust me, I’m a professional.