NYC Bodies

Writes Steve Crouse:

I just spoke with a local undertaker who belongs to an association that volunteers to go to places that are in dire need of their services.

He served in NYC after 9/11 helping ID the bodies and parts thereof, and he also helped last year in NYC to take care of all the bodies of the supposed Covid deaths that were piling up in the reefer trailers.

There was no embalming done, so he was relegated to helping disinfect the bodies before they were stacked in the trailers

He told me that the death count was normal for that time of year, and the reason the bodies were piling up was because the cemetaries were CLOSED due to covid, and the crematoriums were only running half the time due to the WuHuFlu, where they normally would be working round the clock.

Bill DeBlaisio lied to us.
Who’d a thunk it?
The pics they used to show all the funerals was from three years prior to the Covid days.



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