New high-rise building to house Skid Row homeless in $600,000 units in downtown Los Angeles

Writes Gail Appel:

Courtesy of the taxpayers who can barely afford to keep a roof over  their heads or put food on the table. The lower middle class and middle class taxpayers who fix toilets, flat tires  , carburetors and radiators,deliver appliances,serve food an diners, restaurants and hotels and are taxed on their tips.The taxpayers who are struggling to keep their small businesses open, pay their employees the new $ 20 per hour minimum wage or survive the “allowable” theft of $1,000 per criminal per day without qualifying as a felony or the lack of police officers to protect them.

But if homeless and drug or alcohol addicted, unemployed by choice or a criminal- Enjoy! Ditto an illegal immigrant or a member of Congress, our wallets are their candy jars.