More Proof the COVID Coup Was Planned

Writes Ginny Garner:


A document has emerged giving added credibility to the view increasing numbers of awaking people around the globe have that the covid coup of the past year was planned. “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators” was published by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2017. Johns Hopkins receives a lof of funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, participated in Event 201 in October 2019, and is a powerful player in the Covid-19 global health agenda on behalf of Big Pharma. 2017 was the same year Anthony Fauci accurately predicted that then President Trump would face a pandemic during his administration. Alex Jones broke the story on an “emergency Saturday broadcast.” This 89-page document lays out a scenario or table top exercise of events that have largely unfolded over the past year. The scenario anticipates “acute side effects” from the covid shots with children and other injectees suffering neurological symptoms, mental retardation and encephalitis. And then a year later long-term chronic effects, acknowledging the “long-term consequences were not fully understood at the time” of mass vaccinations. The ill health consequences are consistent with the perspective of those critics warning about the safety of the untested emergency gene altering mRNA covid shots such as Drs. Sherri Tenpenny and Joseph Mercola, the Children’s Health Defense, the High Wire’s Del Bigtree, and Barbara Loe’s National Vaccine Information Center, and many others. “Future outbreaks will continue to emerge unless countries maintain widespread vaccination coverage”: here the document confirms the agenda of ongoing, repeated injections for the global population. This is worth a read for anyone interested in this topic. This link to the Infowars article includes a link to the actual document.



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