Magnets Stick to Covid Shot Sites on Arms, Readings on Metal Detectors, and Complaints of Tasting Metal

Writes Ginny Garner:


Many who got the covid jabs have noticed magnets are sticking to their shot site. Videos showing “injectees” taking the “Covid Magnet Challenge” have gone viral on social media. The magnets range from tiny to large in size and most are the type you place on your refrigerator. For those who have been listening to Drs. Carrie Madej and Sherri Tenpenny and other doctors and scientists, they know these shots contain nanotechnology or nanoparticles which would explain the magnet attraction. Here is a video compilation of many injectees showing the magnets sticking to the shot site on their arms. Most of these folks look befuddled and laugh and say they got chipped, while a few seem quite concerned. At 32:00 and 54:00 are clips of men placing metal detectors on their shot sites and getting readings. One person notes there are 1200 references to metal on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) web site with a focus on complaints about tasting metal.


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