LRC (and Zinc) cured my sinusitis

Writes a friend:

Dear Lew,

Two years ago, I had a bad cold. It went away, but left sinusitis behind. Blocked nose (causing insomnia), headaches. Doctor advised nasal spray. After using it a month or so, symptoms had improved: headaches had gone and I could sleep at night, at least better than before. But other than that, my nose was continuously blocked. Doctor said I had it for life. Great. I looked for cures on the internet. (I had learnt long ago, from LRC of course, to take supplements to help cure, and prevent, ailments. I was taking vitamin C as a matter of course.)

So, I found vitamin D was suggested. Nose unblocked – a little, maybe 10%. I searched again. Cod liver oil (in addition to Vitamin D). Nose unblocked a little more – maybe another 10%. OK, I thought, I’ve got this for life. Then came Covid. And preventative advice on LRC. Prominent amongst which: Zinc. Long before mainstream media, sort of, picked it up as well. It’s not cheap, and I’m on a tight budget, so I got Zinc last summer, in case of emergency. When cases started rising again, I started taking Zinc as a precaution, starting end of November. (Plus cod liver oil and vitamin D.)

I soon noticed the sinusitis receding. For at least a week now I’ve slept at night undisturbed despite not using the nasal spray. There may still be a trace of sinusitis, but it’s certainly 95% gone, at least. Maybe 98%. In practical terms: 100%.

So thanks LRC, for being such a blessing to me and humanity.

There are certainly bigger fish to fry in these dark and darkening times, but precisely because of that I thought I’d share this little uplifting story with you.

Best wishes.