Libertarian Mobile Game

Writes Darien Sumner:


A group of libertarians, myself included, have formed an independent game studio, and we’re in the process of developing our first game. It’s to be a mobile game in which the player takes on the role of a CIA operative tasked with running a front company (in this case, a fast food restaurant) to support black ops in foreign lands. We intend to base the events in reality; while all the actual plot points will be fictitious, the operations will be based on real things the CIA (or other intelligence agencies) have done in the past, with the idea being that the player will see the actual effects these operations have on the people of whoknowswhereistan, and also contrast those effects with what spin the media puts on them.

You’ve been kind enough to reblog many of the things I’ve sent to you in the past, and I was hoping we might get a mention for the studio and the project; we’re in our crowdfunding period right now, so exposure is a premium commodity for us! We’re Human Action Studios ( ) and our game is called Dummy Corporation; it can be found on Facebook at , and our Indiegogo page is .

Thank you so much, Lew! Even if you don’t decide to give us a link, I still want to let you know that your work has been a major influence on us (if our studio name wasn’t a clue!), and there’s no doubt that, if it weren’t for the Mises Institute and LRC, we wouldn’t be where we are, trying to launch this crazy indie game.