Letter to Congressman Jared Huffman; Democrat

Writes Tim M.:

Dear Congressman Huffman. My wife and I are VERY TIRED of getting our mail after dark here in Healdsburg. We just saw the USPS raise its stamp rates considerably. First Class mail is now 63 cents!

You spend billions of our dollars on this idiotic war in Ukraine and yet can’t even get our mail delivered in a timely manner. Also, there are shortages at the grocery stores due to your idiotic Covid Lockdown policies.

Our lives get worse every year. What are you and the Democrats doing to make it better? I don’t see anything from you or the Republicans helping us out. You just make our lives more difficult.

Tim M.

PS: And now it is tax time. Our tax preparer has to raise her rates due to MORE government requirements from the fecking IRS. Abolish the IRS! Income taxes are immoral. Our country lived without them until 1913 just fine.