Lahaina Maui Fires: Video

Lahaina Maui Fires: Video

This video is on Rumble which does not censor content. YouTube/Google has taken down EVERY video posted on their site by citizens of Maui. YouTube/Google is a government whore.

The video link about is 22 minutes long and not only shows Lahaina but the surrounding area. The government official says “58 water drops by helicopter” on the fires. That’s like throwing 58 water balloons at a bonfire. There was no fixed-wing aircraft dropping fire retardant as we have in California. Why not? Can’t Maui/Hawaii afford fire bombers?

And NO sirens, which are all over the Hawaiian Islands sounded, ever! Those sirens are there to warn of tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, and North Korean missiles, but no… they didn’t work for this fire.

The Big Boys wanted to burn out the natives, kill the natives, and steal their land.

It’s the same old story.

Thanks TJM.