Writes Brian Dunaway:

Dr. Mercola states:

‘I’ve written many articles detailing lifestyle and dietary strategies that may decrease your COVID-19 risk by boosting your immune function and general health. Now we can add fermented foods to the list, which shouldn’t come as such a great surprise, considering the influence your gut health has on your immune system.’

Indeed — I’m certain I was made aware of the latter via your web site, Lew, and I would read your site for the health information alone.

Incidentally, I actually love sour kraut, and have recently increased my intake.

It just occurred to me that a staple of Korean cuisine is kimchi (fermented vegetables, predominantly cabbage). (I was first made aware of Kimchi from the character “Radar” in the MASH television series.)

I wonder if kimchi is a significant contributor to their low COVID rate?


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