Killer Bureaucrats Issue Threat

Bemedalled ruling-class nasties in the Pentahive, who have happily helped Clinton, Bush, and Obama murder millions, told the comrades they will  give up their rip-off pay and bennies, and start grabbing their rip-off pensions, if Trump is elected. Maybe this wonderful movement can spread to all the federal parasites, just in time for pro-taxpayer pension reform.

UPDATE from Chris Ciancio:

The murdering military parasites at the Pentagram are FAR worse than Trump. They have served communist after nazi after communist President in unbridled killfests around the world (while lapping up the trained seal-esque applause of the worthless rubes of the homeland) for 200+ years and THIS is “an affront to the values they vowed to die to defend”?

AND what non-parasite job allows you to retire on $50K+ annually after only 20 years?

I absolutely hate Trump and his supporters but I hate the Pentagram more. And I am smart enough to know which is more dangerous to the world.


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