Steve Crouse

Near Death” Patient Walks Out of Hospital After Ivermectin Treatment 

TrialSite has been following, a patient in suburban Chicago has been discharged from a hospital after receiving ivermectin. The patient’s daughter hospital-to-administer-ivermectin/ Dr. Man Kwan Ng, filed a lawsuit against Edward Hospital to have ivermectin administered to her father. Illinois Judge Paul Fullerton ordered the hospital to administer the drug saying, “the benefits could outweigh the risks.” Apparently, the judge was correct in this case. Over the Thanksgiving weekend 71-year-old Sun Ng walked out of the hospital. He was given a regimen of 15 daily shots of ivermectin starting on November 8 . The drug was administered by Dr. Alan Bain who needed permission from Judge Fullerton to work in Edward Hospital because Bain isn’t vaccinated. The judge required Bain to take a covid test, which was negative, then Bain was allowed to treat Ng. Like 186 Share th The Ng family credited their attorney, Kristen Erickson, and another attorney, Ralph C. Lorigo, who has been profiled in TrialSiteNews for his work on ivermectin. According to Fox 32 in Chicago, Ng was “near death” but has now almost “fully recovered.” Ng’s daughter says, “My father’s recovery is amazing. My father is a tough man. He was working so hard to survive, and of course, with God’s holding hands. He weaned off oxygen about three days after moving out of the ICU.” Dr. Ng also thanked the judge for allowing ivermectin to be administered to her father. Although Edward Hospital objected strenuously to the judge’s order, eventually the hospital and its staff fully cooperated. TrialSite reminds all that at present 67 ivermectin studies have been completed—most producing positive results. However, much of the regulatory and medical establishment doesn’t buy into many of the studies. Presently, a few major ivermectin studies include COVID-OUT (University of Minnesota and UnitedHealth); ACTIV-6 (NIH & Duke), and Principal (University of Oxford in UK). A TrialSite advisor does suggest these studies are underdosing, however. Ivermectin isn’t proven to work as many claim, but there are definitely positive data points. See what we believe is one of the more objective fact sheets on the topic. As has been seen in other instances, ivermectin appears to exhibit at least some effective qualities associated with COVID-19. So, the question remains, why does the Food and Drug Administration have such a serious issue with the use of this already approved drug if prescribed by a competent, licensed medical provider off-label?