Israel (Netanyahu) knew that Hamas was going to attack on Oct. 7th: Video

Writes Tim McGraw: 

These false flag attacks through “ignorance” by the attacked are getting old.

FDR knew where the Japanese fleet was and when they’d attack before Pearl Harbor.

G.W. Bush (clueless) and President Dick Cheney knew the 9/11 attacks were coming and did nothing.

Abraham Lincoln knew that leaving Union troops in Fr. Sumter would start the American War of the Yankees against the Southern aristocracy.

And then there are the times that the Big Swinging Dicks didn’t see it coming:

The Chinese coming over the North Korean border at Christmas in the Korean War.

The Nazis going through the Ardennes Forest in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union (that’s a big one.)

Russia winning the war in Ukraine.

Why Americans have to pay billions of tax dollars to support such incompetent “intelligence” agencies is beyond me.