Is Rand Paul Having Money Problems?

In an article being read all over the Republican world, Politico says Rand’s “desperate for cash.” First, the conservative oligarchs like Charles and David Koch are not backing him. TAs Murray Rothbard pointed out long ago, such men expect to own their employees and politicians. They demand Yes Men. Oh, and they’re still bitter about Dr. No’s refusal to be their indentured servant.

The pro-Israel oligarchs also expect 100% devotion. The fact that Rand once opposed foreign aid to the well-to-d0 little country is a death sentence, no matter what he said subsequently. Also deadly is even hinting that you might not support constant wars in the Middle East, and the destruction of Iran and all Arab states, as with Iraq.

As to men like the brilliant German-American tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who spent $2.6 million supporting Ron in 2012, he’s ideologically motivated.

“The hope, those close to Paul say, is that his nationwide support from small contributors will make up for his billionaire deficit.”