Infallibility and War, audio

Writes Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy:


This URL is an audio recording of the article I sent out earlier this week on Infallibility and WarI recorded it and send it along today because while the mathematical probability of the Pope or Bishops acting on its truth is near zero, it is something that the Head of the Church wants from them now. Maybe by way of some circuitous electrical path through cyberspace it may dawn on them that they are to lift the souls and spirits of the Catholic Christian community assigned to their care by Jesus out of the dark,1700 year-long, spiritual and moral night  and nightmare of justified Catholic butchery of human beings in war. As I said, the probability of this happening is miniscule, because of how popes and bishops were mis-catechized as children and in seminaries and how they have been formed by older bishops to place the political and financial survival and enhancement of the institutional Church as their highest operational priority.  But, our faith tells us that after the Resurrection nothing is impossible.

Give a listen and get it out there, 9i you feel up to it. Remember, the Church is no more the Pope’s or bishops’ Church than yours. They just have different ministries within the Church. One of the ministries you were Baptized into when you were Baptized into Jesus Christ is that of prophet (priest, prophet and king). Most of the time the ministry of prophet in the Church addresses the people of “the world” in the pejorative sense. But there are times when the ministry of prophet both In Israel and in the Church is required to call the leaders of Israel and of the Church back to their right minds, that is, back to trustfully doing God’s will and not their own.