Hate Joke?

Writes Peter S Rieth:

European Parliament member Janusz Korwin Mikke’s latest great joke (he has been fined for hate speech and barred from representing the EU..even though he was elected!):

A Somali immgrant has arrived in Berlin. He stops the first person he sees and says:

“Thank you German! You have given me a home, money, food, free health care, education and I pay no taxes!”

The person says: “But I’m not German…I’m from Afghanistan…”

The Somali stops another person and says: “Thank you German! You have saved me!”

“Sorry, sir, I am from Iraq…”

The Somali goes up to someone else and starts his thanksgiving…

“Sorry -I’m Pakistani”

Finally, the Somali goes up to a woman and says:

“Sorry, but …maybe you are German?”

“No – I am from India.”

“Oh come on!” says the Somali, “where are the Germans?”

The Indian woman looks at her watch:

“Oh – they are all at work at this hour.”


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