Fwd: The June 6th coup

Writes a friend:

Hi Lew,

This is from a friend of mine who is good at asking questions others aren’t. I thought it was an interesting line of inquiry. Certainly I myself couldn’t understand whether we were watching carefully orchestrated political theatre for sensational headlines coming into an election season… or something more.

———- Forwarded message ———

Not that it matters because Trump is not our friend, but it really did seem like they tried to have a coup earlier this month. I don’t know why they aren’t willing to wait for Joe to win. Maybe they anticipate something happening before January that they want to be in control of?

You joke (I think), but how aware are people that we narrowly skirted a third world-style coup here in the US just two weeks ago?

You may recall that in the first week of June, the Antifa-Soros Media Industrial Complex was calling for a million “protesters” (aka rioters) to converge on Washington DC where the President was bunkered at the White House. In the run up to that June 6th weekend, the (Dem) DC mayor stood down law enforcement and National Guard, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff(!) started issuing strange public memoranda implying that they were on the side of rioters rather than the President (no reference to chain of command, “cannot abide divisiveness and hate”, etc.)

This is the classic Deep State color revolution checkmate: the imported mob storms the presidential palace while converged insiders preemptively scupper any official reaction. Whether the President flees or is sacked, he is discredited, and a new figure takes the helm “because of the unprecedented conditions of these turbulent times”.

AG Barr, head of the Depatment of Justice and one of the smarter and more perceptive guys in the White House, was sufficiently alarmed by the situation that he replaced the Federal troops around the White House (loyal to the JCS) with Department of Justice troops whose loyalty he could be more assured of.

You know that moment in foreign wire service dispatches or Tom Clancy novels where different military cadres loyal to different government factions maneuver around the Capital to determine who will be in power next week? That happened here two weeks ago and almost no one noticed.

That it didn’t work this time (too few Antifa) doesn’t mean the strategy is off the table. Notably, the deficiency on June 6th wasn’t too few converged insiders (DC is awash with them, Barr notwithstanding) but too few outside mobbers. They’ll be sure to rectify that next time. Just have to whip up a little more public frenzy and fund Antifa cells a little more…