Freaking Out Over Jeremy Corbyn

The British media have been flipping out for some time over the Labour leadership contest. The Tory press was advising the opposition that Jeremy Corbyn, if elected, would hurt the opposition. It’s an idiot argument, of course, since they want to hurt the opposition. Is it because Corbyn, who won in a landslide, is a socialist? No, since Conservative corporatism is anti-free market, too. Is it because he’s bad on the “migrants”? So is the whole establishment. It’s because he openly advocates ideas that are supposed to be suppressed: get rid of the immoral Trident nuclear missiles; get out of all the wars, no matter what the US and Israel want; put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes; be friendly with all peoples, even Russians and Palestinians. He doesn’t like the EU or NATO, either. Unlike Bernie, a warmonger, Jeremy is a man of peace. Suppose we can trade?