Fauci Admission

Writes Greg Privette:

Hello Lew,

First, I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at LRC and the Mises Institute. In a dark time in our history, it is important to have things for which we can truly be thankful. I am thankful for all you do and for the efforts of all the contributors to LRC and the Liberty movement in general.

At lunch today, I read the Vasko Kohlmayer article from a few days ago;    Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death

I do not think any of these people do anything that is not according to a plan. Anytime any of them suddenly start to change the narrative, it makes me suspicious. This is especially true when they begin to insert kernels of truth into the propaganda. It makes me wonder if beginning to admit the clot shot is worthless is just another part of the plan? Of course just like the financial collapses, they will ignore any early skeptics and swear no one could have possibly anticipated this outcome. After all, the early trial data was “very promising”. You know, that data that was so promising they are trying to delay any release of it until 2050! My suspicion is, admitting the shot is a failure will become more mainstream. Once this becomes commonplace, then what? By that time due to ADE, “sudden” cardiac arrest, clotting, hemorrhaging, etc., identified as “break-through” cases will be raging. At that point, we will be told the “only” option left is hard lockdown. They will also admit the initial lockdowns were a mistake. Not because they were ineffective and even counter-productive, but because our rulers were too benevolent and gave into lockdown fatigue too soon, and allowed too many exceptions.



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