Re: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has now treated 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success

Writes Brian Dunaway:


You’ve posted quite a lot of material with the word “zinc” in it.

I noted in one article by Bill Sardi that “zinc inhibits growth and replication of RNA viruses like coronaviruses.” A light went on when I read that.

I’ve been using Zicam to ward off colds for years, and its efficacy is stunning, especially if you use it at the first indication of a cold. I tell everyone about it. The conversation usually runs something like. “You really should use Zicam – it’s amazing.” Typical response: “OK.” To which I reply, “No – dude – it’s like you didn’t even catch a cold.”

Bill Sardi suggests zinc lozenges. Maybe I didn’t take the right kind, but the results after several attempts were: bupkus.

My chemical engineering perspective suggests to me it’s all about the transport mechanism. If taken orally, the transport path (for any substance) is much more slow and inefficient than introducing it directly into the bloodstream. (I note that one COVID-19 treatment is IV Vitamin C.) Absorption into the mucous membranes is essentially that.

I use the oral mist because I believe the nasal variety no longer contains zinc. (Some users were complaining of loss of olfactory function.) Further chemical engineering instruction: After spraying it under your tongue, take your (clean) finger and wipe it all around the mucous membranes of your mouth (this increases the mass transfer film coefficient – trust me), including the gums (I saw someone in a movie do this with cocaine). Zicam instructions say to swallow it – I spit it out, because it upsets my stomach (they mention that as a possibility), and I don’t believe it’s effective orally anyway. Do follow the other instructions.

Since I live with an 89YO, I take extra caution, and essentially use Zicam as a prophylactic.