New Trial for Roger Stone

“Barr can begin by agreeing with defense attorneys that Stone deserves a new trial. If Barr cares so deeply about the rule of law, as he claims, then he must petition the court to set aside Stone’s convictions based on jury bias and/or misconduct.

As reported by Fox News, there is substantial new evidence that the foreperson of the jury that convicted Stone has a “history of Democratic activism and a string of anti-Trump, left-wing social media posts.”

Before she was ever picked as a juror, Tomeka Hart posted comments about the Stone case and mocked those who argued that his arrest was an example of excessive force. She praised the Mueller investigation and suggested that Trump and his supporters were racists.

Trump was right when he called the Stone prosecution “a miscarriage of justice.” That is a tweet to which Barr should pay attention”

Greg Jarrett – FOX NEWS