Holiday Defiance

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

I hope you and everyone at The Mises Institute had a Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been reading the Becky Akers posts relating stories from those who are defying Thanksgiving and business totalitarianism. I liked the comments from the Michigan Attorney General:

“Although none of us wants to take such actions,


While we are heartbroken at the toll these closures invariably have on the businesses affected,

I love how those who believe the security of their livelihood to be beyond the effects of their actions always “agonize” over ruining the lives of others. They always feel our pain. I think the ultimate example of this is how Presidents are always so somber and claim reluctance to send other peoples kids off to die in wars.

On a related note, I have a story that may represent the ultimate Thanksgiving act of defiance. I will be vague in details here in order to protect the innocent as the old cop shows used to say. I have a close friend who relocated here a couple of years ago. Most of his family still live in his former home state. That state will remain nameless but I will say it is among the more insane states, and is run by a truly insane governor. A few of his brothers and some of their friends have a loosely affiliated club for engaging in another hated activity. On the private land they use for this other hated activity, they organized a Thanksgiving blow out. I believe they roasted pigs and many people brought pitch in dishes. They sent out about 500 invitations and the final gate tally was apparently nearly 600 people! I understand they even invited the local sheriff and told him he might as well come and enjoy the festivities because there was no way he and his three deputies could stop them anyway!