Early Trump-Biden Debate June 27 on CNN

Writes Johnny Kramer,;


There has been speculation for months (probably into years now) that the DNC is going to replace Biden at the convention, allegedly for health reasons.

I just looked up the history of televised presidential debates. The first ones were in 1960; there were none until 1976, after which we’ve had them every cycle.  They have ALWAYS been in the fall, after the conventions. 

So why are they suddenly having the first “real” debate in the summer, before the conventions? 

There’s a lot of speculation online that the Deep State is now so worried that Biden can’t beat Trump that they’ve decided to throw Biden under the bus by having a pre-convention debate — that the CNN moderators’ questions may be hostile, and that they may even give Biden placebos instead of whatever real meds he’s on before he makes public appearances, so that the voters can see what they see daily behind-the-scenes. 

Of course, that will be followed by the talking heads in the corporate press calling on him to drop out, which will then flow to the NPCs in the general public. 

(If so, my guess is they’ve talked privately with Biden about dropping out and he is refusing, so now they have to resort to this.)

See here.