Biden Sept. 12 executive order clears path for ‘transhumanism’

Writes Gail Appel:

While the world was distracted by 24/7 coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s traveling casket 9 day extravaganza, Biden signed the most ghoulish transhumanist bill that is the stuff of a sci-fi novel.

Yet again, the GOP has been completely silent, thus proving they’re only slightly less heinous than the CommunoFascist Dems.

The ironic hypocrisy of their “ Pro-Life” Bible beating mantra while cheering for war with Russia and China and ignoring the Transhumanist Great Reset Brave New World amazes me. “ Go forth and multiply” so we can send your chimeric offspring to their deaths in wars we created or worse, techno/genetically altered misery and slavery. They’ll tell you they’re “saving lives”. Frauds.