“Barbarous, uncivilized, and villainous violence”

Writes Martin Hill:

“The document, Traditionis Custodes, is both sad, cruel, and yes very, very revolutionary… It is a barbarous, uncivilized, and villainous violence upon our inheritance…” 😨😲👊🏻

This is a great homily from one of my favorite Latin Mass priests. I’ve been listening to him since 2013. This is a must-hear! 😇🙏🏻

 From Sadness to Resistance



The document, Traditionis Custodes, is both sad, cruel, and yes very, very revolutionary. I have read numerous accounts of how various diocesan priests throughout this country and beyond have informed their congregations that the Traditional Latin Mass will no longer be offered in their parishes. It seems that most every diocese in the Latin Rite has been adversely effected as a cancel culture has invaded the Church of Rome. These good priests have expressed sorrow in their sermons for the loss of the Ancient Rituals, as if burying a good friend. They offer their condolences as if the Old Mass is but a corpse…a relic of a bygone age that has, by papal fiat, been put to its final rest. After announcing the death of Tradition, the good priests have then told their parishioners to take up their Cross and accept this suffering…even this injustice…knowing that the good Lord will bring good from it. Don’t write the bishop…don’t call his office…don’t prayerfully protest outside of the chanceries…don’t resist but willingly accept. Popes and Bishops sometimes have to make hard decisions, but they have good reasons no doubt. Simply accept this decision quietly and obediently. But this decision by the Holy Father is not simply a matter of his governance…this is not like a decision to close this or that parish…or to move a priest from one parish to another…or to even suspend a priest unjustly. This is not about turning the other cheek. This is not even about an abuse case with a minor that was horribly mishandled. This is about the Holy Faith. This is about the Mass of Rome…this is about the liturgy…how we pray…the rule or law of prayer is the rule or law of belief. How we pray demonstrates how we believe. This ruling of our Holy Father is an odious attack upon all liturgical tradition as it seeks to eliminate the most ancient Mass ritual in the entire Church. It’s a robbery of the finest jewels and patrimony possessed by the Church of Rome. It is a barbarous, uncivilized, and villainous violence upon our inheritance…upon the likes of St. Damasus, St. Gregory the Great, and all the other holy bishops of Rome who preserved and protected the liturgical rites of Rome undefiled. This is not something to be just sad over. It is something that must be resisted. Is a man purely sad when his wife is being beaten by an intruder in the family house? No…the man…the husband…is also enraged and rushes to defend his precious spouse. Well…holy Church is our mother and, in my case as a priest, She is my bride. And the Holy Church of Rome is being mistreated and despoiled of her ancient liturgical treasures which should cause any man…any priest especially…to come to her defense…to come to her aid by resisting even the pope himself. This shall not stand. Although we can never in judgment over the pope, we do have a right of self-defense from an assault upon the Mass of Rome and the very deposit of Faith that it represents.