Are Hunter Biden, Klaus Schwab, & the CIA Connected to US Biolabs In Ukraine?

Writes Gail Appel:

Make sure to watch the video with Klaus Schwab bragging to David Gergen about the multitude of Young Global Leaders who have “ penetrated” global capitols the world over. Naming Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, Argentina, etc. Preening while disclosing more than half of the administrative positions are filled with YGLs.

It gets far worse still. Trudeau is shown in a 2017  press briefing warning Canadians will obey should there be a vaccine mandate, it is the only way to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Following the YGL brag fest  is a video featuring an Asian leader exposing the US Biowarfare labs in Ukraine creating deadly pathogens using GOF research, the connection to Wuhan and experimental trials tested on unaware, innocent citizens as well as accidental lab leaks at Ft. Dettrick.

Seeing and hearing it from the source is hardly “ Rightwing Conspiracy”, though the “ fact checkers” and CIA/WEF corporate media continue to double down on.

But don’t believe your Rightwing conspiratorial eyes and ears.