An April, 2020, American tragedy

Writes Mark Higdon:

The first personal tragedy of the government’s ginned-up HuFlu “crisis” has arrived at my doorstep.

A close friend (known well to me) of my daughter just lost her husband to a massive heart attack. He was only 42.

His widow is a stay-at-home mom with a six-year-old special-needs child. Her late husband’s job was decreed “non-essential”. He had been laid off indefinitely.

His survivors are now at risk of losing their home. They have lost their income entirely. Any life insurance is inconsequential. They lived at the margins as best as they could, devotedly focused on their son, who arrived into this world two months early.

Word is that this poor guy was intensely stressed by the loss of his job: due to arbitrary, unconstitutional government decrees.

How many more like him are out there? Or will be?


–Prisoner of the State of Ohio, deserted by the Catholic bishops and pastors