Americans Are in Revolt

Writes Jack D. Douglas:

Great revolutions generally begin slowly over many years as public outrage smolders more and more intensely beneath the facades of conformity and obedience to authority. But as the anger grows ever stronger, even small events can trigger great explosions. August 10 in the Tuileries garden in Paris seemed like a pretty ordinary day until the public rage against the corrupt King and his System exploded.

I don’t think  Americans are yet at that point of concentrated, violently explosive outrage, though millions are that angry around the country.

But Americans are very outraged at the total corruption of all forms so obvious at the top of our nation, especially in D.C. and on Wall Street. They are no longer submissive Party members scraping and bowing to the Super Robber Barons.

This is a crucial fact of American life now that almost all journalists fail to see or pretend not to see. Tens of millions of Americans are searching for ways out of the awful crises the government is forcing on them. They are agitated, moving, changing very rapidly. They are looking for new leaders who will put an end to the hated System.

Trump and Sanders are the two leaders who are openly revolting against the Big Lies and all the thievery and frauds and endless, losing wars. Their voters are a strong majority of American voters.

IF one of them is able to pull those huge groups of voters together, he will have the public support to end the corrupt System and rebuild America.

We are no longer in Kansas where the people follow their party  leaders and do as they are told. We are in a revolutionary situation in which even small outrages can grow and finally trigger massive public revolts.