A huge thanks to Bill Sardi

Writes David Sarosi;

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful articles you have been publishing regarding the current powergrab/pandemic.  I especially want to thank you for the articles by Bill Sardi.  I found his work originally on your site, and his company’s Gall Bladder product cured my wife of all of her gall bladder issues.  He even gave me a person formula for gout that works great.  But most especially, his common sense, well-investigated, and logic-based look at what is going on is a great comfort in the face of the “doom porn” that so many other sites are caught up in these days.  When there is a break in the action, it is going to be important to wake people up to the abject lies they have been told during this, and I know that your wonderful site will be there to help spread that message.  Thanks again for being a great spokesman for liberty and the truth.

I suspect that you are also getting a lot of “grief” from TPTB for giving folks like Bill Sardi a platform and I wanted to make sure you knew that you were appreciated by those of us that hate the state.